White Squad Update – July 2016

Information for Term 3
• Coach, Swimmer, Parent to discuss qualifying for NSW Age Championships; Cam to communicate with swimmer and parent
• Training focus:
o build a good foundation for the season
o skills focus
o individuals to improve in areas highlighted and knowledge from competition
o dryland activation

Competitions Schedule:
Abb Invitational – Sunday 31st July- ABB
Abb Meet – Thursday 4th August – ABB
Club Night – Thursday 11th August – ABB
NSW Age SC – August Friday 26th – Sunday 28th – SOPAC – qualifiers
Club Night – Thursday 15th September – ABB
School Sport Australia – September 15th-22nd – Darwin, NT – selected

o Email is preferred method
o Earliest communication on events
o Concerns, issues – discussed prior to or post event, at an appropriate time
o Cameron Gledhill’s contact details for emergencies 0457 079 380

4 sessions per week
Attend competitions listed

ABB Camp:
Monday 26th– Thursday 29th September – ABB
More details to follow

Pancake Boys

July School Holiday Training

Training will conclude officially on Friday morning on July 1st 2016. There will be no session Friday night. Chris will run a session on Saturday 2nd July 6-8am for anyone who would like to attend.

All squads will return on Monday 11th July. Cameron will commence on deck this week and we will sharpen our racing skills, in preparation for Metro and beyond.

There will be no training Monday morning on 18th July, post Metro, training resumes Monday afternoon.

Metro Report

Hi everybody,

A huge congratulations to everybody who competed at Metros this past weekend, we did not have a full team representation this time round although we still came a very pleasing 8th overall. Everyone can certainly take positives out of the weekend with many moments of “I’m so proud of myself” to coincide with moment of “that’s what I can work on for state”. Special mention to all those who raced on the Sunday afternoon/evening/night (yes it was a long carnival!), our athletes showed great fitness, maturity and composure to race and perform during the final session of the program. This was certainly a time when that tough mentality and great team culture shone through for Team ABB.

Now for the much anticipated swimmer of the squads……….it seems the boys have carried the flag this time round!

White Squad: Tane Bidois– for terrific results that have extended from a terrific training ethic and a great attitude behind the blocks. Tane has certainly put in the hard yards over the holiday period and he certainly reaped the rewards this past weekend.

Black Squad: Charles Marais– Very well executed races, resilience on race day, a positive attitude and many great achievements. Narrowly behind Charles; Emily Ong & Samantha Ramsden, most notably for adding to our great team vibe on deck. On a whole I was pleased with race plans from the Black squad. A few of our squads members certainly displayed terrific levels of resilience after disappointing races, composing themselves and getting themselves ready for their next race. Leading into State I would like to seegreater attention to race day management; activation, warm ups, cool down’s, re-warming up etc. During competition, when racing multiple events it is crucial to plan when you activate and re- warm up; if you are not sure please ask your coach.

Gold Squad: Kaea Bidois– For well thought out race plans based on his past experiences. Chipping away at pbs. Respectful attitude and great self-management. Close behind Kaea is Matt Lee & Emily booth for similar reasons but still need to execute better race plans. For the others in gold Leanne would like to see a huge improvement in attention to detail within race plans and self management. For some she would like to see a better attitude even when not feeling at best in energy or arousal of the meet. Racing should always be something to get excited about!

It was a long weekend for all parties. Parents thank you very much as always for your support.

Swimmers 7 weeks until State. Make every lap count!


Carlile Speedo Cup report

Hi Team Abb

We had a great day yesterday at the Carlile cup. Overall some fantastic results and a fine amount of PB’s. Reflecting and comparing to this time last year – the coaches and I are super happy with the increase in skill level from Abb swimmers. We were also impressed with the swimmers sticking to race plans and in some cases trying new events and new strategies. As always great to see the kids hanging out together and supporting each other. Although not all, but most do need to improve their self-management skills by wearing warmer clothes and completing swim downs and warm ups. The preparation is also a part of putting together a great race. Mostly a fine result and it seems we are in a good place at the beginning of our winter campaign. Keep up the skill training and do the work and things will continue to improve. As always input equals output.

We have decided to award and reward swimmer of the meet per squad. It was tough to decide as so many swimmers did so many great things but the stand outs were;
Junior Challenge – Claudia Freeman – great skills and very good at listening to the coach. Smiling always!
White Squad – Carolyn Nifnafs for her huge program and continuous gutsy racing and big smiles after every race. Pb’s galore and with so much respect for her coach Rafa extreme passion for the sport.
Black squad – Maddie Robinson for her awesome attitude, great race plan execution, happy face and huge pb’s.
Gold squad – Jacquie Feurtado – Tough, skilful, respectful, happy and forever gracious – and lots of pb’s.

Thank you to the parents who helped with our club duties of time keeping and officiating.

Leanne Speechley

State 2015 LC report

Hi All
Attached is the report for the NSW State Championships 2015. Apologies for the lateness of this. We wanted to get things right and with the bigger team this took some time.
This year’s report is very positive and exciting. We are beginning to gather more stats and they are all moving in the right direction.
Enjoy the reading!
2015 NSW state champs LC report (Team)
2015 NSW state champs LC report (Individuals)

Photos courtesy of Kris Austin Marketing.

We nailed it at Metro


Hi Team Abb

Please see attached Metro report, Metro point score and the Team photos!

We nailed it!

Thank you to all swimmers, parents and coaches!


Leanne Speechley
Head Swimming Coach