State Open SC Summary

Congratulations to our 20 athletes who represented Abbotsleigh at the Open Championships.

It was great to see all swimmers engage in the Open competition. Abbotsleigh have a lot to offer this level of competition. I believe everyone is an Open swimmer, there just happens to be events that declare a 14 year old champion, for example.

I enjoyed watching you take on each race with intent to improve things that you acknowledged from Age Championships. It was very impressive to see this from the group. The scoreboard doesn’t show everything, whilst it is important, it’s not the only reference of a good race. Abbotsleigh swimmers where challenging their skills, underwater swimming, turns and starts better than they had at Age Championships. Well done to all who made adjustments to the way they raced. We continue to show strong race skills and willingness to use these skills under pressure.

You bring excitement to each race and it is very enjoyable to watch.

Special mention to Natasha Ramsden who is the State Champion in 50m Freestyle and to Matt Kelly for making progress at this level of competition.

1 Gold
2 Silver
2 Bronze

Congratulations to our Medal winners:

Natasha Ramsden
Gold 50 Freestyle
Silver 100 Freestyle
Bronze 100 Individual Medley

Matt Kelly
Silver 200 Backstroke

Relay Medal winners:
Bronze 4×50 Mixed Freestyle relay (Matt Kelly, Harry Trethowan, Emily Ong, Natasha Ramsden)