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Congratulations Brandon

I’d like to congratulate Brandon Lawrence on receiving his Silver Coaching Licence. To receive this Brandon had to have 6 or more swimmers achieve Australian national Age Qualifying times, attend a 5 day course held at the Australia Swimming Coaches Conference and complete work books to prove he … [Read More...]

Abbotsleigh swim club NSW state squad qualifiers 2015

Prestigious selections for our swimmers

Congratulations to our Abbotsleigh swim Club swimmers who earnt themselves a place on the prestigious NSW selection squads. This is a fine reward for all your great training and racing at both State and Nationals in 2015. You have all made us very proud here at Abbotsleigh. NSW Emerging talent … [Read More...]


Distance Long Course

The little green man from Mars hid himself behind his total invisibility vortex. Unseen and unheard he observed the scene unfolding in front of him. The guards lined up the prisoners, then instructed them to crouch on small tables at one end of a small indoor lake. The chief officer made a … [Read More...]


Knox Knox, who’s there?

The ‘Agora' was the meeting ground for citizens in Ancient Greece. In modern day equivalent for Abbotsleigh Swimming Club is the ‘seating’ overlooking the pool. Today it was the ‘seating’ overlooking Knox pool. And there the good citizens of Abbotsleigh set about their ancient rituals of warm up, … [Read More...]