Fee Structure for 2019 / 2020

The information and fees below are for Abbotsleigh Swimming Club membership. There are additional fees for swimming lessons and squad training. Details of these fees can be found on the Abbotsleigh school website under Aquatic Centre on the Community page.

    SNSW    Club    Total
Swimmer 8 years & Under$62$25$87
Swimmer 9 years & Over$74$135$209

Membership registration is now completed through Swim Central. Swimming Australia and Swimming NSW have made some changes which are reflected in our purchases in Swim Central.  There is no longer the free Junior Dolphin category as this program has been discontinued and replaced with an 8 & under swimmer membership. The other category for swimmers is 9 & over.  Both swimmer categories have full membership and eligibility for any competitive swim meet. 

Swim Central also requires every swimmer under 18 years to have a non-swimmer (eg: parent or guardian) linked to their membership.  This link will incorporate a small fee set by Swimming NSW.  The non-swimmer membership includes benefits such as full insurance at swim meets, access to monthly swimming publications and the opportunity to train as a technical official.

When you purchase your memberships please ensure that you purchase BOTH a non-swimmer membership for the parent/guardian and the correct swimming membership for the swimmer.  We also require you to upload the Abbotsleigh Terms and Conditions as part of your purchase (please save this attachment to your desktop for uploading from this email).

Please refer to the Swimming NSW guide on how to purchase a membership (Swimming NSW website in Member Resources).  The only additional step is to upload the Terms and Conditions document which must be completed before your purchase can be added to your trolley.  Click on the “my documents” tab at the bottom of the page on the right-hand side.  Then select “upload” and add the file that you have previously saved.  Change the category to “Governance” and the document to “Membership Eligibility Approval”, then upload it.  Now you can proceed to put the purchase in your trolley.  You must upload this document with each purchase!

Please note, if membership is not renewed before the end of September, Swim Central will automatically change the status to “Unfinancial”.  While the Swimmer’s status is listed as “Unfinancial” access to the Online Meet Entry (OME) system is blocked.

Active Kids Rebate 

Swimming NSW has provided a complicated method for reimbursement of Active Kids Vouchers.  Nevertheless the Club is happy to offer a separate service to members to use their Active Kids vouchers for those members (child under 18 and under) who have not yet redeemed their voucher for calendar year 2019.  Members are entitled to use their voucher towards payment of the Club “Swimmer 9 years & Over” membership” but this redemption will be on a reimbursement basis only.

This process will be as follows:

  1. Please email your Voucher details (Voucher number and Child’s name exactly as it appears on the Voucher).  Please also provide your Child’s date of birth, and EFT bank details for the reimbursement to our Treasurer at:
  2. The Club will redeem vouchers received every fortnight, and anticipate that Service NSW will reimburse the Club within 7-10 days of redemption.
  3. Once the reimbursement has been received by the Club from Service NSW, the Treasurer will reimburse you the voucher amount to your bank account.

If you have not claimed your voucher via Service NSW and would like to claim and redeem your voucher, please go to this link to do so:

Multi Swimmer Discount

When multiple swimmer memberships are purchased in one transaction a 15% discount will be applied to the Club component of the membership fee.

Please note that the swim club, has currently agreed, absorbed the 1.5% credit card processing fee charged for the total transaction amount of swimmer membership fees in 2019/2020 given the increase in SNWS fees, however this may change in future years.