Child Safety & Integrity

Abbotsleigh follows the Swimming Metro North East guidelines when it comes to child safety & Integrity standards. We take this matter very seriously and below you will be able to find all the necessary information to keep everyone in the sport safe.

Swimming Metro North East is committed to providing children and young people with positive and nurturing experiences and will strive to ensure that children and young people are protected from harm.

We aim to ensure that swimming is a safe, fair and inclusive environment for all participants.

Metro North East is committed to embedding child safety in our organisation by implementing the ten (10) Child Safe Standards of the NSW Child Safe Scheme. The Standards are designed to drive cultural change to create, maintain and improve child safe practices.

Click here to read more about SMNE’s Child Safety Standards, updated in February 2024.

Background & Implementation

The ten Child Safe Standards provide a framework for creating child safe organisations. They are designed to drive cultural change to create, maintain and improve child safe practices. When organisations implement the Standards, they build a culture where abuse of children is prevented, responded to and reported. 

The Standards are based on the extensive research and consultation by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. They provide clear guidance for organisations to create cultures, adopt strategies and act to put the interests of children first to keep them safe from harm. 

Our organisation has started the process of implementing the Child Safe Standards. If you have any questions or comments regarding Child safety please contact us.

National Integrity Framework

Swimming Australia’s National Integrity Framework applies to all Activities organised or authorised by Swimming Australia or a Member Organisation (eg SMNE). Swimming Australia and its Member Organisations remain  fully committed to the protection of children, young people and our members in our sport and encourage all member associations and clubs throughout Australia to familiarise themselves with the policies and to raise the issue of child safety to everyone involved in swimming clubs. The NIF consists of 6 documents.

  1. NIF Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy
  2. NIF Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy
  3. NIF Member Protection Policy
  4. NIF Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
  5. Code of Conduct 2024
  6. NIF Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

Click here for more information.

Sport Integrity Australia’s Child Safeguarding Policy has been developed to set clear standards of behaviour expected of those involved in sport when providing programs and services to children, as well as the behaviours that are not acceptable (Prohibited Conduct).

The policy is underpinned by the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations (National Principles) and has been reviewed and endorsed by the National Office for Child Safety.

Safe Sport Framework

The Safe Sport Framework (SSF) is a comprehensive policy and procedures document that details our shared responsibilities for protecting children and members’ welfare.  It also replaces the previous child and member welfare policies and procedures.  Click here for further details on SSF.

Reporting & Complaints

In accordance with the National Office for Child Safety, SMNE has processes to respond to complaints and concerns that are child-focused and uphold the rights of children and young people. Complaints affecting children and young people will be properly investigated, taken seriously, and their rights safeguarded throughout the investigation process. These investigations are planned, fair, proportionate and thorough, with findings supported by the available evidence. If you have a complaint or a concern that is child-focused please email or complete this form.

If you are concerned that a child or young person may be at risk of significant harm, please contact the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111

Continual Education and Training

There are numerous free online training resources to assist our members with continual education and training:

  1. National Integrity Framework (NIF)
  2. Play By The Rules
  3. Office of the Children’s Guardian
  4. Office of Sport
  5. E Safety

Important Links

  1. Child Safe Standards – provide a framework for making organisations safer for children.
  2. Office of the Children’s Guardian – Apply for your Working With Children Check
  3. Sport Integrity Australia – Resources for sporting organisations
  4. SwimAus National Integrity Framework
  5. SwimAus Safe Sport Framework
  6. SwimAus Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy – January 2024
  7. For Athletes Sport Integrity App – Apple or Sport Integrity App – Google Play
  8. eSafety Sports hub – online safety advice and resources

Who do I contact?

Need help with an integrity issue? Click HERE