Club Records

Here are the best times recorded anywhere by a swimmer while a member of the Abbotsleigh Swimming Club. Please advise Darryn Booth of any updates required.

Club Records – Girls – Long Course @ 30APR2017

Club Records – Boys – Long Course @ 30APR2017

Club Records – Girls – Short Course @ 30APR2017

Club Records – Boys – Short Course @ 30APR2017

These records have been compiled from the results of club targeted meets and Area, State and National Championships.  Results have also been obtained for some meets held at SOPAC that were conducted by Abbotsleigh or other School Associations and attended by Abbotsleigh students.

It’s most likely that many swimmers have competed at other meets, including other school and School Associations’ carnivals.  Where results have been submitted to and approved by Swimming NSW the results are eligible to be used to claim a Club Record.  Where a result can be verified it will be considered.

To claim a Club Record please forward the following details to Darryn Booth at

  • Swimmer’s Name
  • Swimmer’s age when the result was achieved
  • Event – Stroke/Distance
  • Time achieved
  • Date of Meet
  • Name of Meet