Nepean Open Water

What a fantastic way to spend your hard earned training deposits – on a 5km open water race at the Olympic regatta centre in Penrith. I was fortunate enough to coach in the outdoors, power walking (whilst performing the Aussie Haka – all the way) along the course with all the spectators and puppy dogs. Cal Trethowan, Tom Peregrina and Zali Gordon all raced at the Nepean Open Water event.

With a huge crowd, a short peaceful warm up and then into the big blue for the race against the likes of Olympian Jarred Port – off they went for their glorious distance swim. Tom being his first race saw him swim cautiously for the first 2.5km and then take in the last 2.5km – albeit crooked without his wingman Cal. Cal swam a pretty good time for the opening season swim and was a great comrade for Tom to have sharing very generously his open water knowledge. Tom swam approx. 1hour and 3 mins with Cal not far behind in just under 1 hr. and 5 mins. Both boys qualifying not only for age Nationals but Open Nationals as well. Zali swam the 2.5km for the second year in a row and improved on her best time with a 46 min swim.

I urge all pool swimmers to give this a go. It’s quite a challenge with a great vibe under the beautiful scorching Penrith sun!