SMNE 13u Speedo Sprints (Heats)

We would like to congratulate Team Abb for such a fantastic swim meet on the 6th of February 2022 at the Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre (SOPAC) for the SMNE 13u Speedo Sprints.

It was time for our 13 years and under swimmers to challenge themselves. Abbotsleigh had 26 swimmers participating in this meet and each swimmer was keen to carry their energy from Camp ABB to the racing stage.

Our swimmers showed excellent team spirit, supporting each other, and cheering for each other during the races.

Results wise, Abbotsleigh came home with 39 top 10’s. Out of those:

1 swim – 1st place

4 swims – 2nd place

1 swim – 3rd place

Well done to everyone and a special mention to Tinglan Chen, Alice Liu and Marcus Primdal that went through to the finals of the speedo sprints.