Team ABB Squad Update – December 2019

Current Focus: State Championships – 13years +

We have outlined our goals…off the back of Metro…see Metro reflection sheet.

Communication will be push out via TeamAPP. This includes final relay teams and an update of the heats and final sessions.

Uniform for the meet, Heats any Abb shirt; Finals Yellow ABB shirt.

Arrive for relays 90 mins prior to the relay being raced.

Our expectation is that you attack each race you are in…

  • Bring your Swim League racing mindset to each race…Lions vs Orcas spirit
  • Plan your days to allow for your best recovery…so you can swim fast for 4 days
  • Be kind to yourself and all those in your support team (parents), this way everyone will be able to have a great week
  • Support our finalists and relay swimmers throughout the week, if you are not in a final or relay…see if you can make a special effort to come and support your teammates, the last night is always a great vibe too. It’s a great way to celebrate a fun week at the pool.

Coaches @ State Champs:

  Friday 13th Saturday 14th Sunday 15th Monday 16th Tuesday 17th Wednesday 18th
Heats Amanda Lach Amanda Leon Leon Lach Amanda Lach Amanda Lach Amanda
Finals Amanda Leon Amanda Lach Amanda Leon Amanda Leon Amanda Leon Amanda

Please note: I am attending a family function on Sunday am

Training changes to:

There will be no training on the following days:

Monday AM 16th             no morning session

Wednesday AM 18th       no morning session

Friday AM 20th                 no morning session

The last session for the year is Saturday 21st December 5:45-7:30am.

Competition Schedule:

  • NSW Speedo Sprint Heats+13/u Meet    Feb 1                   SOPAC
  • NSW Speedo Sprints Finals                        Feb 29                SOPAC
  • SNSW Junior Metro                                    Mar7-8               SOPAC
  • SNSW Junior State Age                              Mar 28-29              SOPAC
  • Australia Age                                               April 7-14              Perth

I will advise you of any additional meets. Swimmers are encouraged to use their school swimming races to complement your schedule. Please communicate this schedule to Jay in January.

Club dates for Comps at ABB:

Thursday 6th Feb              Official Club Night (open invite to all Camp ABB swimmers and Abb Squad/School swimmers)

Thursday 20th Feb           Official Club night

Thursday 19th March      ABB Meet – event run by swimmers Gold and Black

Holiday Schedule: refer to attachment

Black squad swimmers are welcome to join Gold Swim session on January 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Lach will be running these sessions.

Camp ABB: White Squad – sign up for Camp ABB January 20-23. Go to our website for details

Amanda away: I will be away from Thursday 19th December and back on deck on Monday 6th January.

If you are going away over January, please let us know.

MASSIVE THANK YOU…to Leon and Lach who have been absolutely fantastic over the past month. Both Leon and Lach have oozed Team ABB spirit each day and have individually grown their coaching capacities. I am very grateful for your support.

Thank you for your patience during this time of change. I hope you enjoy State Championship week and your Christmas celebrations with your family. See you in 2020!

Go team ABB!

Amanda Isaac