Christmas party and presentations

The 4th of December was a big day for our Abbotsleigh athletes. For the day we had the following:

1- Christmas race league

2- Welcoming the new Abbotsleigh members

3-Presentation of Senior State rep caps

The day started with our Annual Christmas race league, the swimmers came prepared and ready to bring the best of their abilities mixed with the best of their Values and team spirit. There was two teams, Lions and Orcas.

Lions as the ruling champions wanted to keep the trophy with their name on it but it was the Orcas that came trough and were able to bring enough points to became the new champions.

Orcas teams with their race league plaque

After an exciting race league the next step in the agenda was to welcome our new Abbotsleigh members.

New Abbotsleigh Team Members

And last but not the least we presented our senior state representatives with their State rep caps and recognize their effort and commitment throughout the year.

Senior State representatives