Club sets new pizza eating record

Abbotsleigh Swim Club tonight devoured 40 pizzas and cake in less 10 minutes. A spokesperson for Dominos commented “I have never seen so much eaten by so few so fast”.

130 energetic swimmers, parents and coaches were joined by Mrs Poole, Abbotsleigh Headmistress, and Mrs Wheatley, Abbotsleigh Aquatic Centre Manager for our Annual Presentation Night. Club achievements were recognised and celebrated, and praise given to everyone who had contributed.

Special guest Lara Davenport, Swimming Olympic Gold Medallist, delivered a fantastic talk about striving to achieve elite goals and bouncing back from set backs. Her story and message captivated swimmers and parents alike. Despite many hungry stomachs, the room was entirely still whilst she described the downs of missing Olympic selection by 1/100th of a second, the ups of going on to win an Olympic Gold Medal, and her tactics to achieve this dramatic performance turnaround.

So popular was the event that it took an hour for the crowd to disperse after the end of the official ceremony.