White Squad Update – July 2016

Information for Term 3
• Coach, Swimmer, Parent to discuss qualifying for NSW Age Championships; Cam to communicate with swimmer and parent
• Training focus:
o build a good foundation for the season
o skills focus
o individuals to improve in areas highlighted and knowledge from competition
o dryland activation

Competitions Schedule:
Abb Invitational – Sunday 31st July- ABB
Abb Meet – Thursday 4th August – ABB
Club Night – Thursday 11th August – ABB
NSW Age SC – August Friday 26th – Sunday 28th – SOPAC – qualifiers
Club Night – Thursday 15th September – ABB
School Sport Australia – September 15th-22nd – Darwin, NT – selected

o Email is preferred method
o Earliest communication on events
o Concerns, issues – discussed prior to or post event, at an appropriate time
o Cameron Gledhill’s contact details for emergencies 0457 079 380

4 sessions per week
Attend competitions listed

ABB Camp:
Monday 26th– Thursday 29th September – ABB
More details to follow

Pancake Boys