Christmas party – Race League

And just like that another year was gone by, on Tuesday the 14th of December, we organise our Christmas race league, the energy in centre was amazing where our values were upheld to the best standards. We could see the care, the support and mindfulness between teammates. Even though there were two teams competing against each other for the Christmas swim league trophy everyone knew that at the end of the day we are all united in one big team.

 There was some fiery racing and a lot of amazing swims from our junior groups to our senior groups everyone stepped up with the best swim they could. The coaches could not be prouder and happier with so much courage from the swimmers that even under extreme fatigue were still getting up on the blocks and racing to the best of their abilities.

The Lions took the trophy from last year champions and were crowned champions of the 2021 Abbotsleigh Christmas swim league. Well done to everyone that join us and bring it on next year where the Orcas will be fighting to get the trophy back.

A special mention to Alice Liu that was awarded our team abb spirit award for showing and upholding our ABB swimming club Values to the highest level by supporting and cheering every swimmer on both teams.

At the end of this exciting event, all the swimmers were able to enjoy a nice team moment around a big amount of Pizza and good laughter.

Thank you for joining us ?