SMNE Championships

On the 5th and 6th of January the Abbotsleigh swim team went to Sydney Olympic Park aquatic centre for the 2021/22 SMNE LC summer Championships.

Abbotsleigh had a total of 21 swimmers participating on this meet and representing in their best way the team colours. Beside the great energy felt from everyone it was great to see the team getting together and execute the competition routines that we so much prepare in our training sessions. It is great to see that everyone knows what is expected and what they need to focus on independently of where they are.  In the pool the swimmers showed their resilience.

After 6 months away from the pool and competitions it was good to be able to see the athletes race again and do what they do best and what they love.

Results wise, Abbotsleigh came home with 61 top 10’s. Out of those:

6 swims – 1st place 9 swims – 2nd place 4 swims – 3rd place.

In the ranking and out of 12 teams that attended the meet, Abbotsleigh swim club ranked 5th for the girls and 8th for the boys with an overall result of 6th

A good result to where we are in the season and considering how long the athletes have been without swimming, this shows that our foundations have been done well and swimmers are being efficient with their stroke and skills.

Well done to everyone and bring on 2022.